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Alternatives to Jail

Alternatives to Jail

Jail Alternatives for a San Mateo County DUI Arrest

Helping clients in Northern California and the Bay Area find alternatives after a DUI arrest for over 20 years

You shouldn’t have to weigh your options and alternatives after a DUI arrest without the help of an experienced attorney. DUI defense lawyer Shelley D. Dwyer has been representing clients in northern California and the Bay Area for over 20 years. Because of her knowledge and experience she can suggest alternatives to you that are best suited to your unique needs and goals, and she can negotiate with strength to get them.

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There are alternatives to simply facing the music and there are alternatives to jail. If you or someone you know is facing DUI / DWI charges you owe it to yourself to find out what they are.

With experience comes strength in negotiations. Lawyers and prosecutors often negotiate based on the specific facts in a case and based on what result they think they can achieve. If your attorney is experienced and skilled, a prosecutor will be much more likely to give you a favorable offer to avoid a tough trial. Charges can be reduced, or even dropped.

An important thing that a DUI attorney can do for you is change the timing of your case to match your needs. Shelley D. Dwyer and other experienced attorneys are adept at maneuvering the date or dates of your case or a determination in your case should you suggest additional time for work, for family, immigration, or for some other reason.

The State of California offers several alternatives to jail to help people keep their jobs and their lives together. Electronic monitoring can be utilized to track a person’s whereabouts without putting them in jail. This allows people to go to and from work or make other essential trips so long as they remain at home when they are ordered.

Work Release. People work at these jobs during the day and then go home at night. These are referred to as sheriff’s work program, or weekend work program. Typically you do menial jobs for the sheriff’s office from early in the morning until late afternoon, usually on the weekend, but sometimes during the week, depending on what your attorney can work out for you.

Work Furlough describes a jail alternative in which a person keeps their same job, but returns to a group facility when they are done with work. This type of jail alternative usually is employed for those who have substantial jail sentences to serve.

Certain other treatment programs and living facilities can be utilized as alternatives to jail. State and local authorities realize that complicated issues of addiction often underlie a DUI arrest. It is sometimes possible to undergo a qualified treatment program in lieu of jail time. We encourage you to speak with experienced DUI attorney Shelley D. Dwyer about these and other alternatives.

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