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DUI with Injuries

DUI with Injuries

Redwood City Drunk Driving Injury Lawyer

Drinking and driving is a risk. Few of us have a way to test our blood alcohol content after a couple of drinks, so it is hard to know the level of risk. The risk of course, includes having an accident, being injured or injuring someone else, and being prosecuted.

If someone has been injured in an accident in which you are accused of driving under the influence, we understand what you are going through. Unfortunately, you may not have been impaired or even at fault, but if you had a certain level of alcohol or drugs in your system, all parties may blame you and charges will still be filed against you. You may feel you have already been judged guilty without your day in court. Only an experienced attorney will know how to turn your case around for you.

The emotional and vigorous prosecution in drunk driving injuries cases mean you must have someone on your side. When you hire the Law Offices of Shelley D. Dwyer, you will have an experienced and capable Redwood City drunk driving injury attorney totally and completely on your side. Not judging you, but working for you at every step.

Aside from the societal animosity, you may be facing a felony charge and even a personal injury lawsuit for drunk driving injuries in civil court. Auto accident injuries can be serious, such as brain injury, spinal cord injury and broken bones. In the case of a fatal accident, you could face murder charges.

Felonies are those cases in which a year or more in prison is possible, as well as a record as a felon. Rather than try to work with the police and prosecutors, let us inform you of:

  • How your charges and penalties can be minimized
  • The lifelong consequences of a felony dui plea or conviction

Injury to a pedestrian, bicyclist or someone in another car or your own car is a tragedy. But you owe it to yourself to demand fair treatment. It is not uncommon for someone to pretend to be injured when they are not. Our office has uncovered alleged victims faking, and therefore have been able to substantially mitigate our client’s culpability.

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