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Redwood City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Aggressively Defending Clients in the San Francisco Bay Area for More Than 20 Years

Have been charged with drunk driving, drug possession, or another crime in the San Francisco Bay Area? Talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Attorney Shelley D. Dwyer in Redwood City has more than 20 years of experience and has vigorously defended clients in more than 150 jury trials.

Our law firm is ready to protect your constitutional rights. Attorney Dwyer has years of experience working with California’s criminal justice system and her experience allows her to quickly examine the facts of your case and develop an effective defense strategy.

As a criminal defense lawyer, Ms. Dwyer’s goal is to have the charges against you dropped or greatly reduced working to minimize fines, jail time, and the damage to your reputation. Contact a Redwood City criminal defense attorney at 650-367-8500 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Experienced DWI/DUI Representation

Being arrested for drunk driving is a very scary experience. If you have been charged DWI/DUI in California, there are certain things you should know. Your license may be suspended. You may face excessive fines. You may even be required to spend time in jail.

It is important to speak to an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer as soon as possible in an effort to avoid the many potential consequences of a DWI/DUI conviction. Criminal defense lawyer Dwyer will do everything possible to help you keep your driving privileges, while minimizing the effect a DWI/DUI charge will have on your life.

Protecting Clients at DMV Hearings

The DMV will automatically suspend your driver’s license after a drunk driving arrest. You have 10 days to request a hearing. Attorney Dwyer will request to preserve your driving ability pending a hearing. Ms. Dwyer will help you immediately after your initial consultation, if you decide to retain her.

Criminal Defense Representation: Other Areas of Focus

Attorney Dwyer also has extensive experience defending clients facing other serious criminal charges involving:

  • Assault and battery and other violent crimes, including resisting arrest and gun crimes
  • Felonies and misdemeanors
  • Drug charges — Including the drug possession, possession for sale, drug manufacture, drug distribution, drug trafficking, and felony drug charges
  • Sex crimes — Including rape, date rape, statutory rape, child molestation, child pornography, child luring, child endangerment, and solicitation of a minor
  • Fraud and embezzlement, and other white collar crimes, including credit card fraud, wire fraud, identity theft, and Internet crimes

Attorney Shelley D. Dwyer provides you with a vigorous and aggressive defense. She will carefully review the evidence obtained against you and exploit Constitutional and procedural errors the police investigation may have committed during your arrest. She works to have any tainted evidence excluded from you case, sometimes resulting in the dismissal or reduction of the charges.

Contact a San Mateo County DUI/DWI Attorney: Free Consultation

If you have been accused of drunk driving or another crime in the San Francisco Bay area, contact attorney Dwyer today at 650-367-8500 to schedule a free initial consultation.

For more background on your legal rights, reference our DUI information center.