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Commercial Driver’s DUI

Commercial Driver’s Licenses

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The law in California regarding drunk driving and commercial drivers licenses has recently changed. If you are charged with drunk driving in any vehicle, your CDL or Class A or Class B driver’s license can be downgraded, threatening your driving privileges and maybe your job. Speak to experienced northern California defense attorney Shelley D. Dwyer right away about your alternatives and how to protect yourself.

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If you have a commercial drivers license, chances are your driving privileges are your livelihood. The DMV will take your commercial driving privileges away unless you can mount a proper defense to a DUI charge.

If you drive a vehicle for a shipping company, for a delivery company such as UPS or FedEx, if you work in the waste management industry for a company such as BFI, or if you drive trucks in any aspect of your job, you may be at risk. A change in your CDL status or a CDL suspension, for even a short time, can make it impossible for you to drive certain vehicles, even if your charge is unrelated to your work.

Experienced DUI attorney Shelley D. Dwyer can provide you with important advice and alternatives. The DMV will want to downgrade your commercial drivers license following a one month suspension when you apply for a restricted work related drivers license. Your lawyer can try to minimize the impact of the DMV hearing by working with authorities to alter the timing or the results of the hearing.

Further, you may want to pursue an aggressive criminal defense to avoid a conviction that will remove your CDL status for a much longer period of time. If an aggressive criminal defense to save your commercial driving privileges is what you need, Bay Area criminal defense attorney Shelley D. Dwyer is the right choice. She is experienced, aggressive, and she knows the people and authorities that will examine your case. She has worked with many clients who are facing a drunk driving commercial drivers license suspension and she can work with you, the authorities, and your employer if need be to find solutions that work for you.

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