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Redwood City DUI Checkpoints

What are DUI Checkpoints?

The purpose of sobriety checkpoints is to remind drivers to avoid driving under the influence and to spot and arrest drivers who are breaking the law. There are laws put in place to ensure that all DUI sobriety checkpoints run by the books. However, not all DUI checkpoints are fair or run as they should. Drivers may find themselves victims of unfair or illegal DUI checkpoints and require immediate representation from attorney Shelley D. Dwyer.

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DUI Checkpoint Requirements in the Bay Area

While the state cares about arresting people committing DUI, they also want to ensure that law enforcement officials do not break the law and abuse checkpoints in the Bay Area. This means that there are specific requirements that must be met, which are established by the NHSTB (National Highway Safety Transportation Board). If they do not meet these requirements, they could be suspended and their arrests could be invalidated.

The requirements that must be met include:

  • Sufficient law enforcement manpower to run a checkpoint
  • If a plan was approved, the checkpoint must follow this plan
  • Each vehicle must only be detained for a specific period of time
  • The checkpoint must be clearly marked
  • There can be no type of profiling or discrimination
  • The checkpoint must be administered safely

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DUI law is complex and can be confusing, especially if law enforcement officers are pressuring you to make decisions or answer questions. You have the right to remain silent and you should exercise your right to do so until your lawyer is present. Our Bay Area DUI lawyer can provide you with attentive legal care, ensuring that your rights are protected aggressively. We are here to protect you against the serious and lasting penalties of a DUI conviction.

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